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Addressing mental health problems timely can help first responders improve their quality of life and get back to work as quickly as possible.

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Eight out of ten first responders experience a traumatic event on the job. Such events can cause these highly important specialists to experience post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI) and other mental health issues.
Command Post Wellness focuses on helping first responders address their occupation-related mental health conditions. Its residential treatment program in Costa Mesa involves a professional yet discreet approach to recovery.

Our Residential Mental Health Treatment Program

Residential mental health treatment involves living in a comfortable facility designed specifically to help the clinical team address mental health problems comprehensively. During our treatment, patients live alongside other first responders and receive all the necessary support aimed at a successful recovery.
At our facility, we try to nurture an atmosphere with the potential of creating strong healing that has a direct effect on the successful recovery of the patient community. The main benefits of our Costa Mesa residential treatment programs include:

Why Do First Responders Need Mental Health Treatment?

Getting timely assistance is key to addressing mental health conditions and helping first responders improve their quality of life. Residential mental health programs prove to be highly effective for patients who face stress at work regularly.

Conditions Our Residential Program Addresses

Residential mental health programs are designed to address a variety of mental health conditions, including:

Trauma (PTSI)
Sex addiction
Dual diagnosis
Mood disorders
Suicidal ideation
Anger management

Treatments Our Residential Program Offers

First responders rarely have sufficient time to recover from trauma. That's one of the reasons why they develop mental health conditions. Our residential program allows heroes to take some time off work and focus on their health. Depending on the condition, individual traits, and the patient's preferences, our clinical team develops a personalized approach that may include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
is a type of psychotherapy that addresses the way a person thinks. By teaching a patient how to recognize and change negative thoughts, CBT breaks the vicious cycle of negative behavior.
Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
this type of CBT is highly efficient for people who suffer from PTSI. It helps patients accept their condition and regain an emotional balance.
Group therapy
this therapy allows several people with the same condition to share their thoughts and emotions in a group setting, controlled by a licensed therapist. Such therapy is excellent for first responders since it eliminates loneliness and reduces stigma.

First Responders, Find Peace of Mind:

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How Long Does Our Program Last?

For the majority of patients, our residential treatment programs in Costa Mesa last between 30 and 90 days. First-responder treatment is based on the needs of the patient and the demands of their work. 
The duration can vary depending on many factors, including the patient's condition, response to treatment, individual characteristics, and more. After completing the residential program, some patients decide to continue getting support on an outpatient basis.

Getting Professional Assistance for Mental Health

Many people struggle with mental health problems for years without getting professional medical assistance. Without help, mental health issues can worsen and decrease the quality of life. Evidence-based treatment can help first responders learn healthy coping skills to manage the demands of their jobs. Mental health professionals work closely with patients to identify their mental health concerns and triggers.

There isn't anything wrong with admitting a mental health problem. First responders can overcome their mental and behavioral health challenges and move forward to live happier and healthier lives. If you or a loved one experience the following symptoms, you may want to consider professional medical assistance:

Getting Professional Assistance for Mental Health
Constant stress
Debilitating anxiety
Continuous depression
Persistent suicidal thoughts
Extreme mood swings
Withdrawal from social life
Changes in habits

Regaining Life and Emotional Balance with Residential Treatment

First responders face mental health issues more often than the rest of the population. Command Post Wellness' residential treatment program in Costa Mesa is a major step toward recovery, strong emotional balance, and a fulfilling life.
At Command Post Wellness, we exclusively treat first responders. Our treatment center helps develop a mental health-conscious community of fellow first responders that support each other long after their treatment.

First Responders

Our Modern-Day Heroes

First responders and public safety employees are our modern-day heroes, which can come at a significant psychological price. The first responder regularly experiences on-the-job trauma in which risking their lives daily is just part of the job.

We have a team which assists first responders on a path to healing through innovative therapeutic modalities. Command Post Wellness prioritizes the mental health of our first responders and public safety employees.

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