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First responders may struggle with a variety of mental health concerns and addictions as they deal with the many challenges that they face on the job every day.

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Fighting for First Responder Wellness

The topic of first responder mental health is an issue not talked about. We want to break that cycle. Making sure first responders are cared for is our first priority.

At Command Post Wellness, we offer mental health services, including sex addiction treatment, so that first responders can heal faster and get back to what they do best quicker: saving lives.

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction can involve a variety of dangerous behaviors, from multiple sexual partners to choosing to have sex without protection. Treating sex addiction can help first responders address any underlying mental health concerns and, in many cases, provide them with the tools they need to get back on the job sooner.

Why is Sex Addiction Treatment Important?

Commonly, sex is associated with love and emotional intimacy. Sexual addiction, however, often lacks that emotional connection and drive. As a result, patients dealing with other psychological challenges, including high levels of depression, anxiety, or trauma, may have a higher risk of suffering from sexual addiction. Unfortunately, first responders may deal with those challenges at a higher rate than the general population, which increases the risk that they will suffer from sex addiction.

Sex addiction treatment can help first responders in a number of ways.

1. Sex addiction treatment helps address the underlying concerns.

In most cases, sex addiction occurs as a response to other high emotions and challenges. For example, a first responder might look to sex as a way to relieve some of the stress and tension often faced on the job. As therapists work with first responders to identify those underlying challenges, they can help them develop healthy coping mechanisms that may make it easier for them to avoid those challenges in the future.

2. Treatment can help first responders enter into or maintain healthy relationships.

Sexual addiction can be extremely hard on a relationship. Some patients suffering from sexual addiction have a hard time forming healthy relationships and connections. Others may find that it interferes with their marriages or relationships. Entering into couples therapy can provide patients with a higher level of support that can enable them to repair those damages or enter into a healthy relationship with a romantic partner.

3. Sexual addiction can increase the risk of developing a variety of health conditions.

Patients who have a high number of sexual partners may have a higher risk of contracting a variety of STDs, which can impact overall health. First responders suffering from sex addiction challenges may also be more likely to engage in increased risk-taking behavior, including sex without protection.

4. First responders suffering from sexual addiction may engage in risky behaviors on the job.

Like any addiction, sex addiction can start to impact a patient's work. First responders who engage in risky behavior on the job may risk losing those jobs altogether. Treatment, on the other hand, can help address those behaviors and provide first responders with a higher level of support, which can decrease those risky behaviors and lead to healthier outcomes.

Many first responders try to stop engaging in dangerous or risky sexual behaviors, but may find it very difficult to stop on their own. Receiving sex addiction treatment can help first responders address the seriousness of that addiction and go on to live more productive, fulfilling lives.

First Responders, Find Peace of Mind:

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How We Treat Sex Addiction

At Command Post Wellness, we provide each first responder with their own ambassador at the door to help guide them through our treatment programs. Our sex addiction treatment involves several key components:

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

Family Therapy

Individual therapy can help first responders talk through the challenges they may be facing, including emotional concerns that may have contributed to sex addiction. Through comprehensive individual therapy, first responders can often learn more effective coping mechanisms. Individual therapy is geared toward each first responder's specific needs and helps address underlying mental health concerns in addition to sex addiction.
Group therapy is a valuable coping tool that can help first responders see how others may have handled those situations in the past or what others might be dealing with. Group therapy sessions can also help first responders feel less alone and destigmatize the need for treatment. Group therapy sessions can help first responders open up with others who have worked in their field and understand the stress that goes with it as well as the challenges that sex addiction can bring to everyday life.
Sex addiction can create feelings of broken trust or resentment between first responders and their families. By working through those issues between spouses, many first responders find that they can address the lost trust in their relationships and move forward toward a healthier partnership.

We Specialize in First Responder Wellness

At Command Post Wellness, we focus on providing a high standard of care geared specifically toward first responders. First responders may face a number of unique challenges that can contribute to the risk of substance abuse, sex addiction, depression and anxiety, and more.

Because of the unique nature of their jobs, many first responders struggle to connect with therapists and effectively share the trauma they may have faced. Our programs, geared specifically toward first responders, help address those concerns and provide more effective coping mechanisms that can help first responders return to the jobs they are so passionate about.

What to Expect from Our Costa Mesa Facilities

At our Costa Mesa treatment facility, we have a gorgeous, tranquil setting, including a stunning kitchen where meals are prepared each day, outdoor settings where patients can get away from the stress of everyday life and their positions, and sleeping spaces where they can relax.
We’re located near John Wayne Airport (SNA), and are more than willing to pick you up and show you around Orange County, California. Here are some of the programs we offer first responders:

Residential Treatment
We understand that first responders need a safe place where they can recuperate and recover from the strains of their job. First responders struggling with sex addiction can be treated through our residential inpatient program, where they will live for a time at our facilities in sunny Orange County.
Learn more about Residential Treatment
Partial Hospitalization Program
For those who don’t need inpatient treatment, Command Post Wellness offers all levels of outpatient care, including PHP. Our partial hospitalization program involves attending group and individual therapy to tackle sex addiction every day of the week, for up to 8 hours per day.
Intensive Outpatient Program
Our IOP is meant for first responders who don’t need treatment every single day, but aren’t comfortable just coming in one or two days of the week. We offer our IOP to help connect first responders with others struggling with the same issues.
Outpatient Treatment
Command Post Wellness offers outpatient care for those who only need to come in for group therapy once per week. This is a great way for first responders to connect with others going through mental health treatment.
Learn more about Outpatient Treatment

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If you are a first responder struggling with sex addiction or any other type of addiction, having the right support can prove critical to overcoming that addiction and moving forward with healthy relationships in the future. Command Post Wellness is here to help first responders find that bright future.
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First Responders

Our Modern-Day Heroes

First responders and public safety employees are our modern-day heroes, which can come at a significant psychological price. The first responder regularly experiences on-the-job trauma in which risking their lives daily is just part of the job.

We have a team which assists first responders on a path to healing through innovative therapeutic modalities. Command Post Wellness prioritizes the mental health of our first responders and public safety employees.

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