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Mood disorders are common psychiatric conditions that raise your risk of suicide and increase morbidity and mortality rates. However, self-care, therapy, support, and medications can effectively treat mood disorders.

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How Mood Impacts Our Lives

Our mood impacts every aspect of our behavior, and it's normal for it to fluctuate. However, a mood disorder distorts a person's emotional state and can interfere with their ability to function.

If a person has a mood disorder, their emotions are often inconsistent with their circumstances. For instance, people with mood disorders often experience periods of extreme sadness and irritability or fluctuate between intense happiness and sadness. Over time, the condition can lead to a loss of interest in parts of their lives that once brought joy and were rewarding.

Types of Mood Disorders

Mood disorders are a group of severe mental illnesses. Medical professionals consider a mood disorder to include all types of depression and bipolar disorders, including:

Bipolar I
Unspecified bipolar and related disorders
Bipolar II
Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder
Bipolar and disorders related to other medical conditions
Persistent depressive disorder
Substance or medication-induced bipolar and related disorders
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
Other specified bipolar and related disorders

First Responders and Mood Disorders

The title of a first responder covers many jobs, including EMTs, lifeguards, firefighters, and police officers. Whatever role they have, first responders are at high risk for disorders that arise from repeat exposure to stress and trauma.

First responders are usually the first on the scene of fires, traffic accidents, suicides, drug overdoses, domestic violence, disasters, and more. They encounter demanding, dangerous, and fatiguing situations and are among the first to provide physical and emotional support to survivors and victims.

While first responder duties are essential to the community, they can be brutal on the men and women who perform them. First responders endure exposure to frequent physical and psychological stress, which increases their risk of developing physical and mental health problems.

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Symptoms of Mood Disorders in First Responders

Research shows that PTSD, suicide, depression, alcoholism, and drug abuse are the most common conditions experienced by first responders and that the trend is worsening. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also shows that the stress experienced by first responders can increase the risk of serious mental health conditions, including:

Posttraumatic stress
Suicidal behaviors, including suicidal ideation and actualized attempts.

Treatments for Mood Disorders in Orange County

Mood disorders comprise a range of conditions, and every individual has a unique set of symptoms. Since Orange County treatment for mood disorders depends on the diagnosis and symptoms, no single treatment meets every patient's needs. Usually, symptoms can be reduced or controlled, and recovery attained with proper diagnosis and ongoing treatment that includes one or more of the following types of therapy:

Medication Management


EMDR Therapy

Several safe, effective medications are available to treat people with mood disorders. Many of these medications work by modulating the activity of the neurotransmitters in the brain.

The treatment plan for people with bipolar disorder may also include antipsychotics or mood stabilizers. Mental health professionals use antipsychotics to treat manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder, and mood stabilizers can help reduce mood swings and abnormal brain activity.
Psychotherapy, sometimes called talk therapy, has become a leading treatment option for many mental conditions, including mood disorders. Research on treatment options such as cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, and behavioral therapy shows they can significantly affect chronic forms of depression.

Recent research also suggests combining psychotherapy and medication offers significant advantages over each treatment alone. Evidence suggests that the combined treatments may offer enhanced protection against depression relapse or recurrence.
While a relatively new form of psychotherapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, or EMDR therapy, has quickly become recognized for being especially effective at treating trauma. In addition, EDMR is gaining increasing interest as a treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder.

How a person remembers traumatic experiences significantly impacts their mental health and how they interact with the world. Research suggests that the primary basis of psychopathology is inadequately processed memories of trauma and other adverse life experiences.

With statistics showing that nearly a third of first responders suffer from a mental health condition, most commonly depression or PTSD, it's vital that Orange County treatment for mood disorder options include the most beneficial treatments available. EMDR therapy is a revolutionary treatment option that helps the brain process and release traumatic memories and can help those who have had traumatic experiences heal.

First Responders, Find Peace of Mind:

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Our Methodology for Treating First Responders

At Command Post Wellness, we understand that first responders play many roles, each with a distinctive level of trauma and exposure. We also know that every individual has unique symptoms and treatment needs.

Every Individual is Different

We offer first responders a variety of programs designed to meet their specific needs. For example, our comprehensive residential mental health treatment program is designed to allow clients to live in a comfortable setting that enables them to focus on their healing with the help of a full-time clinical team. For those needing more flexibility, our outpatient mental health treatment program enables first responders to access mental health care in an office or clinical setting while commuting from home.

We’re Here Every Step of the Way

Whether a residential or outpatient program, at Command Post Wellness, we strive to create a sense of trust between our team and clients by creating a safe, comfortable, confidential setting that promotes healing.

We Always Have Your Back

Even with treatment, mood disorders often persist throughout a lifetime. Our team at Command Post Wellness is committed to providing our clients with long-term solutions. We provide our clients with the education and tools they need to recognize patterns of behavior and thought processes that indicate symptoms of their mood disorder are resurfacing, enabling them to seek additional treatment.

Heal in Costa Mesa with Command Post Wellness

Addressing first responders' mental health problems and promptly getting them the help they need is vital to their quality of life. While they may recur or be ongoing and require long-term or lifetime treatment, effective treatments for mood disorders are available in Orange County.

At Command Post Wellness, we specialize in providing first responders with the high-quality mental health care they deserve. Contact us today to learn how the team at Command Post Wellness can help you in your healing journey.

First Responders

Our Modern-Day Heroes

First responders and public safety employees are our modern-day heroes, which can come at a significant psychological price. The first responder regularly experiences on-the-job trauma in which risking their lives daily is just part of the job.

We have a team which assists first responders on a path to healing through innovative therapeutic modalities. Command Post Wellness prioritizes the mental health of our first responders and public safety employees.

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